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The Christmas Store

Round out your visit to Vivian Plantation with items to add to your Christmas decor. Place a natural wreath on your entry door or above the fireplace, or natural garland around the door or on the stair railing to bring the scent of the outdoors into your home.

lynn_treeOur seasonal offerings include:

  • Garland – Available in cedar and mixed. Standard length is 25 feet, but lengths can be cut to order while you wait.
  • Boughs – A selection of fresh cut greenery is available. Choose from cedar, white pine, scotch pine and fir to complement your mantle or create attractive urns.
  • Cones – An assortment of cones is prepackaged, or you can select the type of cone that suits your needs and we will prepare a special order package for you.
  • Fresh Pressed Cider – Available in 2 litre containers; take home a jug to warm you as you decorate your tree.
  • Wreaths – Available in various sizes and material, starting from 12″ up to 24″.  The large wreaths are available by special order.  All wreaths are without decoration, but with notice we can decorate one to order.

We accept cash and cheques only.  

Sorry, but we do not accept credit or debit cards.